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The more the merrier... or is it?

Businesses & Groups

Business and group travel takes a special set of skills. Strict scheduling, multiple booking, and the ability to change things on a dime are just a few of responsibilities expected and Fontaine delivers. We've handled the travel needs of our sister company TorchLight Hire since it's inception.

Business Travel

The business of business travel has changed a great deal over the past few years. Fewer flights and complicated connections are just a few of problems facing the business traveler. We like to think of ourselves as personal assistants to our business travelers. We'll help monitor your miles/upgrades, help with hotel/transfers and rebooking when necessary. Whether your needs are for an individual or an entire small business, we're here to make things flow.

Group Travel

A family reunion, a faith-based trip to the holy land, a couples-only holiday in the Islands. Groups have special needs and Fontaine can pull it all together. Our special relationships with the airlines, independent and chain hotels, local guides and transfer companies put us at a unique advantage arranging your group travel needs. We can usually pull together a group experience at any price point, from private charters to bulk-rate hotel rentals. Tell us what you have in mind.

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